About Us


The "NativeDetroiter" Trademark Brand is a status symbol representing our style, strength and direction.


We want people from across the country to proudly outfit themselves with high quality casual wear that signifies pride and sophistication.


Whether you came to be a NativeDetroiter by birth, by choice or by way of Flint, Roseville, Grand Rapids, Ohio, Maryland, Alabama or, etc., etc. . . , there is a shared bond that links us together.


Detroit has again become known as one of the most fascinating Cities and still on the rise! 


Celebrate the resurgence by wearing the eye catching NativeDetroiter apparel with the logo that’s on the rise too.

"NativeDetroiter" is a Proud Brand . . . . Wear it!


The Native Detroiter Trademark Brand can be purchased at these locations: 

                         Open Tues - Sat: 11am-7pm    

My Kreative Brands                         Tippers Boutique 

18621 W. McNicholes                       21740 W. 11 Mile Rd 

Detroit, MI 48219                              Southfield, MI 48076


 313-766-5843                                    248-327-6178